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*Meet Our Trainers*


Julia Lang is a Certified Animal Behavior Consultant and Dog Trainer whose relationship with her European Doberman Apollo inspired her to help others experience how incredible life can truly be when you have the love of a good dog guiding you. Animal Behavior College Mentor Trainer for the Austin area, helping to shape the next generation of dog trainers.

"A dog can be a blessing or a burden, and training is what makes the difference." JL

Obedience Trainer. Long time friend turned client, she discovered her love for dogs through Apollo. That led to her first pup, a GSD X named Athena in his honor. In working with Athena, she found an aptitude and a love for working with dogs that when combined with the joy of helping people, became her passion. A Pittie X named Kimber completed her family, and now she spends her days showing people how amazing pups can be with the right guidance.

*Meet the Pups*

Julia Lang & Apollo

Apollo 'Bear' Dale Lang

*4.18.09 - 8.23.18*

European Dobermann Pinscher, and Lymphoma survivor. He was also a fearless explorer, a brave adventurer, a loyal partner, a sucker for scratches, a destroyer of toys, a chaser of bunnies, a loving snuggler, a best friend, and a greatest love to me. He is the reason I now spend my time helping other pups to live their best lives.

Buddy Bear Lang

*6.30.11 - current*

aka Budderscotch, aka Peanut Buddy & Jelly, aka Buddymilk Pancakes, aka Nutty Buddy, aka Peanut Buddy & Hunny Sammich, aka Buddyball Turkey, aka Buddynut Squash..and so on. Rescue Labbish mix, best brother to Apollo Bear & the goodest good boy. He dreams of one day pleasing every single person in the whole wide world. 

IMG_4017 (1).jpg

Delta 'Puppy Duppy' Lang

*10.29.17 - current*

aka THE Pupper Dupper - Rescue GSD X. Came to us on August 19th, 2018 as a rambunctious, reactive, destructive hurricane of a juvenile puppy. Having spent a good portion of his early life in a crate, he now enjoys his freedom at home...when he's not at the park, naturally. He has worked very hard towards becoming an Apollo Dog Training Behavior Ambassador and is a shining example of what training can accomplish.


Journey 'Banana Jamba' Lang

*8.27.18 - current*

Journey came to us as a stray on August 27th, 2019, who had dodged Animal Control Officers for weeks during a brutal heat wave. He was in rough shape, and had never been inside a house before, so everything was new, and scary. After a few thousand dollars in medical care and lots  and LOTS of love, Journey's new favorite things are playing with every pup he meets, and snuggling on the bed each and every night. He's a perfect example of how life will sometimes bring you a pup in need, when you're in need of a pup.

Nathan Lang

Husband, Dog Dad, USMC veteran

While Nathan does not work in the company, or in this field, he is the support that we all need when we finish a hard day of work (or napping). He puts up with all the antics, and thus deserves an honourable mention. Thanks Nathan, we appreciate you.

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