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2018 Ongoing FDA Investigation on Grain Free Diets contributing to Nutritional Dilated Cardiomyopathy

The study is looking at potential links between the substituted carbohydrates used in grain free foods (i.e. lentils, peas, potatoes, etc) and nutritional Dilated Cardiomyopathy. The concern is that dogs' bodies alter to process these carbohydrates, thus reducing their ability to absorb taurine, a necessary protein found in meat. They have no hard evidence, and a comprehensive list with dozens of diets have had dogs reporting cases of DCM in breeds not genetically prone. There are many grain free foods NOT on the list, and also some unique diets that ARE are on the list. Their advice at this point, is to vary your dog's diet just like you do your own, and don't rely on any single source or company for their dietary health.

Summer 2019 Deadly Blue-Green Algae Releases Neurotoxins Into Water, Dogs Suffer Immediate Fatal Reactions

Hot weather and low precipitation make a perfect breeding ground for blue-green algae. This algae is invisible to the naked eye unless clumped together, and releases a neurotoxin that dogs are especially susceptible to. Dogs that ingest while swimming, or even lick themselves after being in the water, can show immediate signs of a fatal shutdown. There is no treatment, and nothing that a veterinarian can do to help. The only way to be sure your dog is safe, is to keep them out of the water until city officials have found it to be safe again. Texas is not the only state to suffer from this, it has been discovered all over the United States. If you have puppo friends in other states, please warn them of the dangers of playing in ponds, lakes, or slow moving streams this summer!


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Nutrition is a huge part of behavior and overall well being. When you don't feel your best, you don't behave your best either! Dietary requirements can vary based on age, size, breed, metabolism and daily exercise routines. Find the right mix for your dog, then find a high quality food that fits their needs. Avoid by-products and cheap fillers that lack nutrients, like corn, wheat and soy.

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Taking the dog for a walk


Patience is the key! Your dog will follow your cues for how to behave, so remember, if you want them to calm down, first you have to be calm yourself. Take your time on walks, and let them explore their surroundings. Sometimes skipping regular feeding times to put their meal in a pouch to use as treats during a walk can help them stay focused and motivated.


Siblings aren't always friends, but there are ways that you can set your pets up to have the best relationship possible. Respect and manners are always a good place to start! If they learn to interact well with each other, it will lay the foundation for friendship.

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Excess energy makes for a very rowdy pup! Every dog is unique, and so are their exercise requirements. Figure out how much physical and mental exercise they need in order to be satisfied and relaxed during down times. Physical exercise can be fetch, jogging, tug of war, or even a light walk. Mental exercise can be games, going to new places, or obedience training. If your pup is destructive inside or outside of the house, or has trouble performing known commands, perhaps they're not getting the exercise they need.